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Services we offer...

Official Engagements
So you have an official do and no partner! It's not the end of the world and trust us, you are not alone in that situation. Come on board and join our ranks. Once you specify your needs and book a companion, be assured that you will attend and impress your colleagues.
Just make sure you know what you want and you treat our companion with the same respect you want them to show you.

out and about
So you have a gig and you don't want to go solo. You are in between relationships and you are definite that you are not in a hurry but you hate going out alone. No worries. Once you are a member, you can peek through our panel of companions and if they are free on the day .. just book them and you are set.
You will be asked what type of gig - dress code and quality of scene. It is in your interest to be clear of what your needs are. Once your date has been accepted and you pay ... the day is guaranteed.
Just to be sure .. we ask both of you to fill post booking evaluation so we can rate the panel. 

You feel life is good but you're missing something. You don't want a relationship just now but you are a social animal and you will not mind meeting new people for laughs. No tie ups, no fuss just regular chit chats and what not.
That is whre companero comes in. Download and complete our application form and send it back in. We review it and if there is some item of information we are not sure of; We'll get in touch and ask. We take the safety of our members very seriously. What if the person is a close relative of yours? Would you be pleased if we are careless about their safety?
Of course not. So we ask you to be frank and open with us.
Once you are accepted and you pay your membership fee, you will be given access to our panel of companions and you can then book a date. Simple as. No ties; No fuss but with style.

sometimes going out can be daunting. eating out can be a dismal lonely affair but once in a while, when you feel you deserve a break, book one of our companions and eat out in style. 
Enjoy yourself whilst you still have the chance.

Listening is a skill
and we take it seriously. You want to engage someone in conversation and you do not have a listening ear available. Talk to us and we are always listening. Book your opposite number, specify your interests and if there is acompatible ear available, well you will not be disappointed.
Don't expect that your companion will always agree with ypur point of view because they may not. You are not booking them to be a nodding companion. You want conversation and you will get it.
At the end of the session, you will come away knowing that there was a frank exchange of views and opinions.
We pride ourselves on the caliber of our panel of companions. We expect them to have and speak out their mind. We presume that since you didn't book them for company, you expect them to respond.
Don't worry. They will.

Ha Fun is fun
So its been a long time you went clubbing. You remember because you went hoping that you ca at least gage a dance but nothing doing. Most people just hung around the dance floors.smouldering with intensity but doing nothing to alleviate the tension.
Now you are a member ..going clubbing won't be like that again. Now you choose the classy club (no rough shindings though. Our panel will review the location and your choice of club before accepting and once accepted, you cannot change the venue.
You will lose you fee if you try to and our companions are authorised to break the date and return home if the venue look rough or nasty. Once your booking is accepted, try and book the venue in advance and enjoy yourself.
Your companion will.


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